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The Pantomat Company was founded in 1989 by M.Sc. Lóránt Szabó.

Mr Szabo brings nearly 10 years of software design, software development, technical sales and systems integration experience to Pantomat.

Mr. Szabo is a graduate as a mathematician of ELTE University and later graduated as IT expert.

The company operates good qualification engineers and programmers.

Szabo Lorant


topCAD 1.3 to 20.0
Face apps: FaceShop, FaceMaker, FaceAge, FaceLift, PetShop, 3DAvatarize, Wywien
Albert, ArchiSite, ProSite, WinStat, ...


iOS, Windows, Unix
C, C++, Objective-C, C#, Pascal, Fortan, PHP, ...


About 40,000 in 6 languages in 70 countries on 5 continents


topCAD applications is an easy-to-use multifunctional tools on mac and Windows. topCAD is used by several hundred mechanical designers and architects throughout Europe with success. Pantomat recommends these applications to those for whom the possibilities of usual CAD applications are insufficient. The main objective we had in mind when we designed our products was to make the everyday work of the user with the computer easier, by offering maximum freedom in the creative phases of planning. topCAD perfectly adapt to the working method of the user by providing fast solutions to practical problems and by seeking available natural possibilities. topCAD run under the Windows and macOS operating systems and the identical file formats allow for programs running under different operating systems to work in the same network. topCAD was started in 1983 under UNIX. Pantomat was founded at 1983 too by the designer and developer of the program. The Macintosh version of topCAD appeared on the market in 1984, the Windows version came out in 1996. Currently it has over 2,500 users all over Europe working with German Italian and English versions. topCAD has 32 and 64 bit versions using MFC and wxWidgets. The algorithmic part contains 1028 routines and 83,598 lines, the macOS part 418 routines and the Win part 504 routines

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topCAD 1.3

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topCAD 20.0


3D model from ONLY one photo - FaceShop 15 --- Cary Grant made by FaceShop:

FaceShop 15.0

FaceShop 15.0

The coolest Faceshop Ever!
The newest FaceShop, FaceShop15 is out - this version knows the most. The functions and the development is based on 18,000 satisfied users feedback and opinion. It is more easy to use to make a 3D model, using only one single photo.

You don't need drawing skills or much time to have your or anybody's 3D face model.

FaceShop 15 is available now, purchase here
- Import any jpeg, tif, gif or bmp
- Works with a single photograph intuitive on-screen prompter shows you the points to select automatically changes the position of the 3d template to coincide with your photo

3D model from ONLY one photo - FaceShop 15 --- Abraham Lincoln made by FaceShop:

FaceShop 15.0

FaceShop 15.0

FaceShop 15.0

Create face morphs for DAZ|Studio, Poser, Maya, 3DMax, Photoshop and other tools in OBJformat!

FaceShop is a powerful stand-alone application that let you create a unique 3D head from any photo you have.

FaceShop 15.0

FaceShop 15.0

FaceShop 15.0

FaceShop is an innovative software program that converts a 2D image into a 3D user friendly face and head. The program not only recreates face morphs, it also creates an identical texture of the copied face. FaceShop comes in two version: Windows and Mac

FaceShop 15 is a full-fledged facegenerator with many tools and features not found in other applications. While we added complexity, it is still relatively easy to master and create results in minutes, not in hours or days. .

More about FaceShop 15

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